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‘Beauty and wisdom coexist with humour and seriousness’ – student feedback about my class, 2018.

Hey, I’m Mark. I am an English teacher in Beijing, China. I came to China in 2015, with the aim of improving my Chinese language skills. I created this blog to document my experiences of living and working in the Middle Kingdom (China).

This blog is a bit of a mixture of me talking about teaching, lessons and my experiences outside the classroom, living, working and travelling in China and Asia. Hope you enjoy it!

8 thoughts on “About Me

    1. Thanks for your kind words. Yes coming to China was a bit nervous at first, but it’s also a fascinating, interesting country. And I have some wonderful students. 🙂


      1. Personally, I’m not very much a fan of China because of how they treat animals and certain laws. But I’m sure they also have many good things going on! Glad you’re enjoying your time there and that you have some good students!


      2. Yes. I can appreciate that. I think it’s great to have strong beliefs – I do too about a lot of things (like International Women’s Day, when some colleagues were, shall I say, questioning the whole purpose of the day). It is important to make a stand in things like that. That’s why it’s great you’re fighting the good fight 🙂


      3. Hahaha. Yes I can appreciate that. It’s hard sometimes here too with my British colleagues. But all you can do is keep fighting the good fight as best you can. And live how you want to live/believe you should live.

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