Sitting on the Iron Throne

Game of Thrones recently finished, which was big news for many fans. I watched the series, but came to it rather late in the day. The final episode was interesting, and I suppose concluded all the stories, though I know lots of people who were annoyed at the ending. I wasn’t overly bothered, though it was nice to get any conclusion to the story, however bad it was perceived to be.

I’ve been sorting through things to keep and send home, and I happened upon photos from my four years here. Some, go right back to the beginning, when I first arrived and was a fresh faced teacher with no real clue of what to do. Jump forward three years and with but a few days left before I leave, and it’s all nearly over!

Sorting through my photos, I came across one taken at a comic convention held in Beijing – the first, and to my knowledge only time it has been held here. It was interesting going – three colleagues also went which I was a little surprised at, as two of them were not comic book or superhero fans (and this was before I had my Stark Trek uniform, or I could have worn that). Amongst other things at the convention, they had an iron throne, from Game of Thrones, which you could queue up and sit on. Of course, being the fanboy that I am with stuff like this, I did so, and can say I have sat on the (or at least, a) iron throne! 😂😉

Hodor – Hold the door! Me on the Iron Throne!

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