Looking for inspiration

Friday, 8th March, was International Women’s Day. This is a day where we celebrate the achievements of women, whilst also remembering the struggles that they still face. It just so happened (I suspect not accidentally) that Marvel Studio’s new superhero film, Captain Marvel, was released on the same day. The film is about a female superhero and features several strong female leads, including Marvel herself. I enjoyed it a lot; not surprising really, as I am very easily pleased and I like this sort of film. It seemed fitting to watch the film on International Women’s Day itself, given the theme. These sorts of films always give me a buzz; it is kind of inspiring. Indeed, as well as the film itself, I really liked the music (one track, I think which is called ‘I’m all fired up’ was really good, and has been going through my head several times since first hearing it).

The semester is progressing and classes are going fine. It is difficult, sometimes, to feel energised or bothered about the lessons, and I am counting down the weeks to the end. As a result, it was nice to watch Captain Marvel as it gave a big lift after watching it. It is a month until the next Avengers film, Avengers: Endgame is released (though I think here it will be out in May). That will be worth the watch, and the wait, if the previous film was anything to go by. Hopefully that will give me more motivation to push on to the end.


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