Winter Holidays – Busan (Day 2)

On my second – and last – full day, after breakfast I went to a cultural village. I had read that you could take the subway and then a bus to this village, or you could walk for maybe 20 to 30 minutes. I figured I would walk. So, arriving at the subway, I headed off towards it, and half way there I realised how much of a mistake that was. In San Francisco, there were hills, sure, but here, it seemed to be all uphill! I eventually arrived, tired and breathless, and got a map of the village. People actually live there but there is artwork on the walls and so on. I wandered down the streets, down being the operative word. At the bottom, I caught a bus back to the top of the hill, and then walked back down to the subway station.

The village was moderately interesting, though I probably should have taken the bus to get to it. The bus I took back up the hill was very small, and there was only one seat available when I got on (which I took). At the next stop, part way up the hill, I had to stand up, and almost distort my body to allow others to sit. But it was only for a minute or so before I got off.

After this, I decided to go to a shopping mall, supposedly one of the biggest in the world. This was also close to the art gallery. I thought I should try and find somewhere to have lunch, and figured that the mall would be a good place. Indeed, it had a food court, though it was quite large. I decided on a random restaurant, and ordered a salad and noodles. The menu did not say this was spicy (compared with other food on the menu), but actually it was pretty spicy, and I struggled through it. I had some cheese sticks as well, which were okay. After the food, I pottered around the mall for a bit before going to the gallery. On the way I spotted Trump World Centre!

There was an open area outside the gallery, with some art work outside, including one by Antony Gormley. Inside, there was different sections, including one which had an egg rolling machine which was interesting.


I was debating what to do next. I ended up going to the beach. Busan is a coastal city – and the second biggest city in South Korea. The weather was pleasant – not too warm but not too cold either. There were several beaches to choose from, but the one I chose was, somewhat surprisingly, quite busy with people all over. The weather was not cold and not hot again; it had been cloud and damp earlier in the morning but by the afternoon it was clearing up. The sun was even coming out. Some teenagers were scaring the seagulls, making all the girls in their group scream. Otherwise, though, it was uneventful.

Following this, I went back to the hotel, and had a rest before venturing out once again for food.

The following morning, I headed to the airport to fly back to Beijing. It was only a short break, and all was well. I am pleased I went, though I think it will be the last trip I take before I leave in the summer. At least, I have no other plans currently to travel anywhere else. So, a nice little trip before semester began.

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