Winter Holidays – San Francisco (Day 7)

Monday morning we looked at the bus route map we had got from the tourist information, and thought we had identified a route to take which would take us along the coastline – route number 49, the so-called ‘scenic route’. However, just before we left the motel, we realised that it was in fact just a driving route (as opposed to a bus route), and there was no bus which went in that direction. This was somewhat of a disappointment, but we were able to walk to where we wanted to go later.

The morning was also a bit wet, and so after breakfast we went to the cable car museum, which was free and proved to be more interesting than we were expecting.

Passing the episcopal cathedral along the way back to the city centre, we popped inside for a visit. It was far grander and more traditional than the Catholic one, and it contained some very nice stained-glass windows and interesting murals, as well as a whole series of paper birds, suspended above the benches. The birds provided an impressive effect, as if they were flying in a great wave down the aisle. They also had an Aids blanket and memorial chapel which was good.

On our walk back to the city centre we passed a 24-hour diner, which we popped into for lunch.

My lunch in the diner. Say what you like about US food, there were at least plenty of vegetarian options.

We then topped up our Clipper cards (the three-day unlimited travel period had passed), and took the bus back to the far end of Golden Gate Park and back to the beach. The weather was better and we walked to land’s end (the route we had originally thought we could take by bus), and along the coastline a little way.

We emerged on a rather posh housing estate, just as it started to rain (it was only a brief shower), and found the bus stop. Standing there for what must have been at least twenty minutes, when the bus eventually did appear, we were told that it did not go to where we wanted, and so we walked to the next junction and took a bus that was going in our direction. Some bus stops have shelters which tell you digitally when the next bus was; this one had nothing. The bus we needed arrived pretty quickly after we got there, however, and was already quite busy. Along the route it got progressively busier, so much so we got off a couple of stops early – I think – and walked back to the motel for a rest. But before we got to the motel, we went to the supermarket and got some food for breakfast for tomorrow, as we would be leaving early and so we could not have breakfast at the motel like usual.

In the evening, we went to a restaurant just around the corner. It was a Belgian restaurant, although the vegetarian option – which was very tasty – was not particularly Belgian (it was falafel, roasted veg and hummus).

The hummus was made from peas (hence the colour). This was very good, very nice to eat!

3 thoughts on “Winter Holidays – San Francisco (Day 7)

    1. Yeah. In nicer weather (the sun was out but it was a little blowy and a little later we were caught in a brief rain shower) in the summer I’m sure it would be very busy. Nice to see the Pacific Ocean. I went to the beach in Busan, too, which was interesting – far more people there, but softer sand (I guess because the tide doesn’t go all the way to the shore).


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