Winter Holidays – San Francisco (Day 6)

After breakfast on Sunday morning, we took the bus into the city centre and went on a free walking tour. This began at 10:00, and we arrived just as it was beginning. The guide was quite flamboyant but very knowledgeable and we learnt a lot about the city’s history.

Following the walk, we went to Coit Tower, a tower that dominated the skyline. This involved walking up several hills. The tower has some particularly impressed artwork at its base, inside, dating back to the 1930s and associated with the New Deal policies of President Roosevelt. You can take the lift to the top of the tower where you get good views of the city. It was very windy and a little wet at the top.

On proceeding down, we walked back to the city centre. before stopping for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, in Macy’s (apparently this restaurant serves a lot more than just cheesecakes. Who knew?!). The restaurant was on the top floor of the store, and the weather was improving at the time. Looking out of the window as we ate, there was a rainbow which spread across the building opposite, perhaps reminding us of the liberal nature of San Francisco’s politics and its large lgbt+ community! (Also the third rainbow we had seen this trip. We saw two the previous day in the park)

Then we head to the Asian Art Museum – which had free entry that day (although one floor of exhibits was closed). After that we went to catch the bus back to the motel.

For food after we got back, we went to a local burrito place.

One interesting thing I spotted on the street was this, which is perhaps apt for my situation later this year, when my contract ends.

Getting the hell out of dodge…. I just hope there is no dead end for me!

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