Winter Holidays – San Francisco (Day 5)

Day five – Saturday morning – and firstly we went downtown to purchase train tickets to Sacramento. We were going there the following Tuesday. We expected it to be quite complicated but in fact it was simple. The train does not leave San Francisco directly. Rather you can take a bus from the bus station to Emeryville, just across the Bay Harbour Bridge (another bridge in the bay) to the East Bay area and take the train from there. You can also go to Oakland and take the train there, but Emeryville was marginally closer and easier to get to. We bought our tickets downtown and then took a cable car, which ran straight down the middle of the road, and got off at the last stop and proceeded to walk to Japan town.

The No. 45 bus which we usually took from the city centre to our motel, often passed through China town and little Italy, but Japan town was another area of the city. In contrast to China town, however, where everything is mostly outside, Japan town is mainly indoors, with lots of small shops and restaurants next to each other. They even had a model of Osaka castle; the real thing I had visited earlier this year.

We had lunch in a Japanese restaurant, and then visited the Catholic cathedral in the city, before going back to Golden Gate Park, although this time it was the other end of the park.

We made it to the beach at the far end of the park, but it started raining so we began to walk back through the park towards the bison enclosure (which only seemed to have four or five bison in it; they live in the park but are looked after by staff from San Francisco Zoo). We were sheltering from the rain whenever we could, as it came down quite heavily at times.

We went back to our motel to dry off and rest, then went to a local restaurant for food.

My home-made veggie burger and chips in a local restaurant

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