Winter Holidays – San Francisco (Day 4)

Day four – Friday morning – and our bus passes worked, which was a huge benefit because it meant we did not have to keep trying to find change. The weather was a little wet, so after breakfast, we decided to visit Golden Gate Park (which is not connected to the bridge at all) and went to the Japanese Tea Garden there (free before 10:00, which we were able to take advantage of).

The park also contained the California Academy of Sciences, a vast science museum with lots to see and do. We spent most of the day there, including having lunch in their café.

You could go onto the museum’s roof which had grass on it. We did this first and then worked our way down.

They had a tropical zone, complete with a few birds and butterflies, and some marine creatures, including rays, and an albino alligator. We also managed to watch a film in their planetarium about black holes. They also had an earthquake room where you could get a feel of what the 1906 and 1989 earthquakes were like.

As time progressed, and we had visited everything in the place we decided to leave, and start walking down one of the streets next to the park. The street in question was somewhat hippish – full of hippie-style artwork and shops. It started raining however, so we took the bus back to the city centre and found a food court where we had baked potato. They had compostable cups to drink from, which I was particularly impressed with. In continuing fashion, we then took the no. 45 bus back to our motel. The route was familiar to us by now and we knew which stop to get off at.

San Francisco has many hills and the bus went up and down them. If it was busy, I had to stand and hold on for dear life like usual.


2 thoughts on “Winter Holidays – San Francisco (Day 4)

    1. Yeah, it’s definitely worth a visit. We spent pretty much the whole day there, at least a good four or five hours. The cafe offered a decent selection too at lunchtime (veggie stuff included).


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