Winter Travels 2019 – Osaka (Day 3)

One of the things I particularly liked about Japan was that in restaurants, they gave you water, as they do here, but it was cold water (as opposed to the hot water you get in China). I decided to visit Osaka Natural History Museum on Friday morning. This was in the south of the city, next to a park. It was easily accessible by subway, though, so after breakfast I ventured out to the park and found the museum to be, well, deserted. I appeared to be the only person there for much of the time, though I did spot another foreigner I think it was, and a Japanese guy who was translating things for him. The information in the museum was mostly in Japanese; only the main display descriptions were in English. Nevertheless, it was interesting to see and wander around.

The museum had a skeleton of a fin whale outside it. It was also situated in the botanical gardens, which, being winter, were not really flowering but which, all the same, were a pleasant enough walk around. The weather, too, was noticeably warmer than on the previous day.

Following this, I took the subway to the north of the city, and decided to go to Osaka Science Museum. On arriving, however, I found it closed until March, but the art gallery was open, so I popped in there. I think I have said before, I am not an art connoisseur but there were moderately interesting pictures and artwork in there. I had lunch in the café across the road.

The art gallery (no photos allowed inside).

I was then debating what to do, and so I took the subway back to the shopping area nearby the bridge I was at the previous evening. I pottered around the shops and then sat in a café and had a drink for a while, reading and people watching.

I had already decided to go to a restaurant near the hotel for tea, which was a very nice meal. Wandering back to the hotel, I took in the lights and sounds of the city for one last time.

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