2019 is upon us

And so, 2018 comes to a close. This has been an interesting year, both in the UK and abroad. 2019 looks set to be an equally interesting – and difficult – year, as the UK crashes out of Europe, potentially without a deal, which will screw everyone and everything over, and I will switch jobs (hopefully) for something better. This is actually my 200th post on here, which seems pretty cool, given I started it over three years ago, when I first came here.

New Year’s Day is a holiday here, so I do not have to work. In fact, I only now have one class left, Monday 7 January, and then I am finished for the semester. I had to do work on Saturday, however, in order to have yesterday off. I did a class about New Year’s resolutions and one of the things I asked the students was ‘if they could change one thing about the year, what would it be?’ More than one of them said that they would not listen to their teachers who told them to come to my university. In fact, in my first class, asking how many students actually liked studying here, there was a total of zero hands raised (they may not hate it, just not particularly enjoy the university). In the second class, three students said they did like it. It was a revealing picture, nonetheless….

On Wednesday, 9 January, I am heading to Osaka, Japan for a few days. I have not been there before, and so it will be nice exploring somewhere new. Then, on 29 January, I head to San Francisco until 7 February. I might squeeze in another trip somewhere after that, given that the new semester begins at the end of February.

Several other bloggers are doing a ‘review of the year’ sort-of thing. Looking back over previous posts it seems that I have not had that exciting a year, haha (perhaps 2019 will be different, especially because I will be departing here). Still, stuff has happened – the usual travel, to Tokyo, and my three-country jaunt to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok, and more recently, to Taipei. There was also, what is becoming all the more familiar, problems with exams. Summer was fun back home. It is always nice to go home, even if it is to Brexit Britain. Had the chance to visit London again, which is cool as ever, and then it was back here for the new semester, which has not been particularly fun. And now here we are, on the first day of the new year, with some exciting times (leaving here) and difficult/worrying times (Brexit) ahead! 2019 is when the sh*t hits the proverbial fan in Brexit and everything (will likely) grind to a halt and (probably) implode. Still, before that, there is travel which will be fun. I hope 2019 is a good year (despite Brexit) for everyone. Have a good one. Happy New Year!

Taken at Christmas, hence the party hat! Happy New Year. Make it a good one!

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