We move into December

Heading for the bus early in the morning, I took this photo of the moon and a planet – not sure which – in the dawn light.

We move into December, and my timetable opens up quite a bit. I have two more Tuesday classes left and about five Monday classes. This is because the Monday classes started a week later than the Tuesday ones, but I also miss two weeks on Tuesdays for Christmas and New Years’ Day. Christmas is not a holiday here, and in fact my students have to go to class, but my university grants me a holiday, so my last class will be on Tuesday 18th December – when the theme of the class will, of course, be Christmas.

Next class, I am going to give them a quiz – sort of like exam-prep and also because it is fun (I think). My Monday classes are also chilled for the next few weeks – I have two weeks of presentations, then a Christmas lesson, on Christmas Eve (probably the same one I will do on the 18th), then New Years’ Eve, before the last class on Monday 7th January. That week I also have to give the second-year students their final exam. The university does not make it easy for us here. I am supposed to send the liaison teacher the exam paper a couple of weeks before the exam takes place. This will be printed, then I am supposed to collect it, and take it to the exam classroom. I should leave the paper with the invigilators and then collect the answer papers and mark the exam. It means I have to hang around at the main campus (outside the centre of Beijing) for a couple of hours whilst the exam takes place.

My Tuesday classes have not been too bad of late. Last week, they were doing job interviews and had their own job fair. One half of the class were looking for jobs, the other half were looking for new employees. They could make it all up but they had to speak to five different people (at least). At the end, I would check to see if they had found any matches.

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