The mystery of the missing glove

Since joining the gym, I have been going often. The other day, I arrived and went to the changing rooms to change. It has turned quite cold recently, so I was wearing some gloves. The changing room is small, with a stool in the corner and nothing else. I started to get changed and sort of slumped/fell backwards onto the stool, which itself fell over. I was not hurt, and managed to stand up. But after I had changed, I could only find one glove. I checked and double checked my bag and the floor and it was nowhere to be seen. It was not in my jacket pockets, either. It was frustrating and confusing as I had worn them both into the room moments earlier, and now one of the seemingly had vanished.

I put my clothes into the locker and went to use the treadmill. Whilst on it, I happened to scratch my back and found something sticking out of the back of my shorts. What was it? The other glove. How it got stuck there is anybody’s guess, but I was pleased I had found it!

The number 666 is considered to be somewhat unlucky in Western countries – it is ‘the number of the beast’. Yet, here, in China, it is actually quite lucky and I will often here students say ‘六六六liù liù liù – which is Chinese for 666. I do not tell them that there is an A-road going through Blackburn which carries that same number. I do, however, sometimes tell them that the number is unlucky in Western countries. Some of them know this, some do not. I read that it is considered lucky because the Chinese sounds like 流liú, which means ‘flow’.

Conversely, 四sì, the number 4, is considered very unlucky as it sounds like the Chinese word for death (死 sĭ). Often, in apartment buildings, there is no number 4 in the building. Incidentally, I live on the fourth floor in the hotel where I live. Perhaps they think that foreigners are not bothered about this (I am not).

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