If you’re going to paint the road…

… then make sure nobody walks through the paint! I spotted this yesterday, on the road which leads to the main gate of the university.

Presumably, no one knew that it had just been painted, unless it’s a new way of telling people the way out of the campus, like ‘follow the footprints!’

4 thoughts on “If you’re going to paint the road…

  1. See, and normally I’d be like, “Geez people, come on!” But like six months ago, I was heading up to a restaurant in Sanlitun when I accidentally stepped into wet cement. There were no barriers, cones, strips of anything anywhere to warn me, nor any signs. Just a pile of wet cement. So in my defense … how was I to know? At least here, they had some warning labels. But I’d warrant a guess they were put up post footprints.

    Seems the common sense of warning folks just isn’t all that common here …

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    1. Haha, You’re probably right there. I suspect they put the warning signs up after people walked through the paint. I just found it amusing that now there is a trail of footprints as well as arrows for the cars!

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