Golden Week travels: Taipei – Part 2

Saturday morning was grey, but the weather cleared up later. On my list of things to do, I had covered most of what I had read was worth seeing. I checked the cinema times and there was a showing of the horror film The Nun showing later in the day. This was released in early September in the UK, which meant I just missed it. So I was quite happy that I would get a chance to watch it. Indeed, although I am not a big fan of many traditions, this was one that I was happy to continue. On previous trips, usually during winter holidays, I have watched a film with a message either on TV, or at the cinema. In Hanoi, I saw the film Zootopia, which is about being yourself and respecting others. The year before, in Ulaanbaatar, I saw Paddington, which is about immigration and the positives of it. In Bangkok, I went to the cinema and watched The Post, which is about press freedom. I guess The Nun does not have any particular message, but because it is not the winter holidays, that is okay!

Before that, however, I went to the National Taiwan Museum which was, in my opinion, excellent. Not only were all the exhibitions in English, but one of the exhibitions was all about elephant. This allowed me to get into the environmental history groove.

Another exhibition was on natural history and Taiwan, and the history of the museum. There was also an interesting exhibition on native Taiwanese communities.

In the same park as the museum was the 228 Memorial and museum, which commemorates democracy protesters in 1949 . This museum did not have many English translations, but was free, which is always good enough.

I then went to the Sun Yat-sen memorial hall, where there seemed to be a festival of emergency workers.

After this, it was film time. I headed back to the area around the hotel where the cinema was. In English, the film is simply called The Nun. The Chinese name was 鬼修女 (lit. ghost nun), which I suppose is more literal and also more useful (especially if you were expecting to see a biopic about nuns, which this film certainly is not). The cinema was busy and the screen was tiny. Seriously, it was the smallest cinema screen I have ever seen. Nonetheless, the film was good, and there were quite a few jump scares, which I like too. The film is part of The Conjuring film series.

Afterwards I went for ramen. The staff spoke excellent English, to my slight surprise, and the food was good too. I found out later it was one of the best ramen places in the city. It was also vegetarian ramen which was cool too. I had a potter around the shopping area after this, which was full of people. There were rainbow flags (I think there was a protest of some sort) and novelty sweets, including the offer of a big cock pineapple cake, for only $300…. If that’s your predilection.



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