Find Somebody Who…

I have only taught my freshers once, and this was part of their first class. One class has three male students (out of a class of about 20 or 21), and the other has two male students (out of a similar sized class). They are all ‘finding someone who’, a classic English as a second language (esl) class activity, but one that, usually, works pretty well. They seemed to enjoy themselves, anyway.

I teach both classes on a Monday afternoon, and the first class told me that, because they had a medical that morning, I was their first class at the university. I am not sure of their English ability yet – one of them told me that they had not done well on their English gaokao. I am not entirely sure how the system works, but I think that they did well enough on their gaokao to get into the university, and then they have different options which they can apply for. So English may not be their first choice, though as I said, I am not entirely certain this is the way it works; a foreign teacher colleague told me that.

They are completing military training at the moment, and next week is a holiday, so I will see them next – after my one class – in October.

2 thoughts on “Find Somebody Who…

  1. Ah, “Someone Who!” I forgot all about this game. If only I was able to do this! Perhaps, though, I can adapt this in some way, for a smaller class size and younger students. Nice choice!


  2. Sure! It’s a good one for after the holidays too. I sometimes do one after the winter holidays if my students change based on stuff like ‘Someone who did something interesting during the holidays’. You could certainly adapt it, or even the advice thing I did, albeit for younger kids. Like, I went through how do you ask advice first (You should…. I suggest you… etc), then I gave them problems and they had to ask their classmates. You could probably adapt it for younger kids or do a variation of it if you’ve taught new vocab.


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