Rotting apples

On Tuesday night, a student who I knew from Senior 1 last year contacted me and asked if I was interested in helping her and her friends with their film (which I thought was for the RDFZ Film Festival but later I found out it was for an art project they were working on). I asked what they needed, and they said they wanted me to play a biology teacher. It would only be in one scene, but still, I was happy to help them out. The film was about wax fruit, a traditional Chinese custom, and I had to talk about studying the bacteria on rotting apples.

It was a weird experience going back to RDFZ. I’ve been back with ex-colleagues a couple of times, and met students outside, but actually going on campus and into the Senior building, well that felt a little odd, and I suspected I’d see a number of students who I knew. It’s always nice to see familiar faces, though as it was I saw relatively few students who I recognised. The lead actor was another student who I knew from last year, so I was quite comfortable acting with him. Of course, last year we (as in, the foreign teacher team) had done a film for the film festival and won the award for the best (and only) international film at the festival. But I was not involved with anyone else’s. It was nice to go back and help them if I could even though I didn’t find out until later the film was not part of the festival at all.

I fluffed one or two of my lines, but it was mostly okay (I only had a very short time to learn the lines and they were a little word-heavy). The students seemed to appreciate the help anyway, and, at the end of the day, that’s all that matters, and all that ever matters in situations such as this.

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