Familiar friends

My first week of the new semester has finished. My class sizes seem to be more equal than last semester (29 or 30 students in each class), including several familiar friends, students who I taught last semester.

Last week’s lesson went over old ground for those students – going through rules of the classroom, what I expect, what they can expect and so on – but also some new activities, particularly a board game we played. When I came back to China last year, I bought with me a box of dice and counters. However, I was aware that whilst I had many dice, I had far fewer counters, and certainly not enough for 30 students. I then remembered that I had a box of tiddlywinks, and these, supplemented with the counters, were enough for all my students. And so it was, they all played a game, and seemed to enjoy it. Only another 17 weeks to go, interspersed with the odd holiday (and make up day)!

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