Winter Travels – Tokyo (Day 2)

Day two in Tokyo, and I was going west. I wanted to go to the Shinto shrine to fallen soldiers, which also had a war museum there. Again, there were mostly signs in Japanese in the museum, but it was interesting comparing it to the war museum in Beijing. In that museum, most of the signs are in Mandarin. Both museums have their biases, but the Japanese one seemed more … accommodating? Not sure if that’s the right word. It did have some nationalistic overtones, and Nanjing was only mentioned in one sentence (in English). It was different to the Chinese one, and it continued to talk about the post-war period a little, and the countries reconstruction.

Following this, I went to Shinjuku and the top of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building, which has a free observation deck of the city, which, you begin to realise (if you didn’t already), is vast!

I then bought some lunch, and took the subway to another park, where I sat on the grass and relaxed, eating my lunch and watching the world go by. After this, I went to Shinbuya, which is a shopping area, and walked down to the subway station I needed. Then I took the train back to my hotel.

I went and found another local restaurant to eat in, before going and packing my bag for departure the next day.

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