Winter Travels – Bangkok (Day 3)

Day three was my final day. My flight left in the early hours of the following morning, so I had all day to spend in the city. I had a slow, pottering day (by this, I mean I had no exact plans; I would just spend a day pottering around). After breakfast, I went for a swim (I had the pool all to myself). Then I went to the park, before going for lunch.

Lunch was a little late, about 13:00, followed by a wander around various shops and malls in the area. This was quite interesting and I bought a new cap, my old one being a little faded and broken in places.

I headed back to the hotel, and packed up my stuff. I then went back out to a Thai restaurant for some food in the evening, before checking out of the hotel and going to the airport. This was the main airport of the city, Suvarnabhumi, not Don Mueang, where I’d arrived at. This was a massive place, full of people, and few signs. When I arrived, I found out where I needed to check-in but there was no member of staff there. There was, however, a long line of Chinese tourists waiting, so I guessed (correctly, it turned out) that this was the correct line.

Travelling alone has its benefits but also its disadvantages. One disadvantage was that in this long line, if I needed the toilet, say, I would have to leave and rejoin the back of the queue after I returned from the bathroom. Eventually, after a very long wait, the check-in staff did arrive and I was able to check-in for my flight. I cleared customs very quickly – quicker, at least, than when I’d arrived.

The flight was just over five hours, touching down in Beijing at about 07:30 in the morning. It was cold. I’d left a Bangkok of about 28 or 29oc, and arrived in a Beijing of about -4 or -5! Luckily, I’d brought my jumper, coat, hat and gloves with me in my rucksack on the plane, so I was able to wrap up without opening my case. However, one fellow traveller wore a t-shirt and shorts, and we had to take a bus from the aeroplane to the terminal.

The last of my three country visits was probably my least favourite. That’s not to say that I did not enjoy it, just that it was the least favourite. The hotel was very good and quite posh. In my room the toilet was very advanced. It was electric (well, you plugged it in), and the seat was heated.

Yes, it’s a picture of a toilet. You can see it plugged in. When you sat on the seat, it heated up.

It was actually nice just to relax. I don’t really get to do that much, and whilst I probably couldn’t do it for many days, it is nice to take some time just to chill. Also, I haven’t been swimming in a long time, so that was something different too (I would have used the gym, but I didn’t have my gym shoes with me).

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