Winter Travels (Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok)

Today was the day when I hit the final stop on my three-country trip. After breakfast, and checking out of the hotel, I took the monorail to the central station, before taking the train to the airport. This is when things, not exactly started to go wrong, but perhaps when things didn’t exactly go right either.

There were two stops on the train – Kuala Lumpur International Airport, and KLIA2 (terminal 2 – my destination). I had forgotten I was getting off at the second stop, and so when the train pulled into the first stop I got off, and swiped my ticket through the ticket gate. The train then departed, and I realised that I was at the wrong station and my ticket was now null and void, having been eaten by the machine. Moreover, the gates had now closed so I was on the wrong side of the barrier, with no ticket. I explained this to a staff member, and they went and got another ticket for me. I waited for the next train and go off at the correct stop (it only took about two or three extra minutes on the train).

The airport was fine, I was able to check-in okay. But it was still early, so I thought I’d check-in, go through security, then get something to eat on the other side of the security checks. This worked fine, except there was nothing to eat on the other side of the security checks. Well, maybe two restaurants, no shops, nothing. They were all before check-in. I eventually went to one of the two and found a table and had a pretty decent lunch.

The flight was quite quick – only about an hour. Then arriving at Don Mueang airport in Bangkok, I changed some money, and then joined what seemed like the queue to go through security. Decent signage was few and far better, and there was also no staff about to ask. Nonetheless I queued up for over an hour, before I finally got my stamp in my passport, and went to get my luggage. By this time, all the luggage had come off the plane. I found my luggage pretty quickly and then the next challenge. I was getting collected from the airport, but where was my driver? I had instructions to exit from exit six and the driver would be there with a sign. But, of course, this being me, they weren’t there. I walked back inside and went down to a few more exits. No one was there to collect me. I eventually headed back to exit six and was about to call the hotel, when I saw someone with a sign for my name and another person’s name. I approached them and it turned out, indeed, that they were waiting for me. They then called the driver who came to collect me (whether I had missed them earlier or they had not been there, I’m not sure). Anyway, the driver came and I could finally depart for the hotel.

The hotel was located near the skytrain station (the skytrain was an elevated railway line) and a subway station. It was also a pretty nice hotel, complete with a pool and gym. It was about 19:30 when I eventually got to the hotel, and I was rather hungry. So, after I’d checked in, I had a meal in the restaurant, and turned in for the night.

Kuala Lumpur was an interesting – and hot – place to be. On a couple of days, there was a cloudless sky. Luckily, I had my suncream with me. Although it wasn’t a ‘must visit’ destination, like Singapore was, it was still worth the visit even if it was just for a couple of days. Any longer, and I think I’d have been struggling for things to see. It also broke up the trip to Bangkok.

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