Winter Travels – Bangkok (Day 1)

Bangkok, not somewhere I’d ever really considered visiting, but it broke up the journey back to Beijing and was worth a look I thought (also just to say I’d been there) …. But what to do?? I’m not a beach person, and my stay in Thailand, brief though it was, would focus exclusively on the capital city. Looking through my guidebook I decided I would visit the house of silk merchant Jim Thompson, and take it from there. It was relatively easy to get to from my hotel, as well – just a couple of stops on the skytrain – which helped. After a hardy breakfast (the hotel breakfast was a buffet and had many choices; it was very good), I set out into the heat of the city. It was not as hot as Singapore and Kuala Lumpur had been, but still warm. Probably at the height of what I find ‘comfortable’.

The house was set off from the main road, down a side street, and I was surprised at how popular it was. Jim Thompson, I learnt, had been an American who settled in Bangkok and became famous in the silk trade. His house was now a museum. Photography was allowed in the grounds and on the ground floor, but not inside the house. To look around the house, I had to join a tour, which took about half an hour. The house backed onto the canal, which I guess made it convenient for business.

After this, I took the skytrain one stop along, and went to a mall for lunch. I discovered a food court so there was a lot of choice.

In the afternoon, I decided to visit the aquarium, which was actually pretty interesting (more so than I thought it would be, given I know little of fish and sea life). It took a good couple of hours to get around this.

I then went back to the hotel, and went for a swim in the outdoor pool (which was on the roof). After this, I went to another mall for food before returning to the hotel and reading my book.

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