Winter Travels – Kuala Lumpur (Day 2)

Day two, and I decided I’d get my ‘Indiana Jones’ on, and visit a Hindu site just north of the city. After breakfast, I took the monorail to the main station, then got the train to the site. It was not what I was expecting. To be fair, I’m not sure what I was expecting. It was free, so that was something. The site is a series of caves. There were some stalls at the base, and then some very steep steps up to the caves. Having already done my hill climb in Singapore, this was similarly challenging, though perhaps somewhat easier because there was a rail going up.

After this, I waited for the train back (about 30 minutes), and then went for some lunch. Following this, I was considering where to go next and decided to visit the bird sanctuary. This was somewhere I’d seen yesterday, but did not get a chance to visit.

The bird sanctuary was … well it was interesting, and a nice way to kill some time. There were many different kinds of birds. Even though I’m not an ornithologist, it was still a pleasant way to spend some time.

Getting hungry again after the bird sanctuary I made my way back, slowly, to the hotel, and found a restaurant nearby to eat at. I then return to my room and packed, ready for the next day, and next adventure, in Thailand.

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