Winter Travels (Singapore to Kuala Lumpur)

One thing that was noticeable about Singapore was that there were a number of signs around the city for different things, from reminding residents and visitors to use bathroom facilities properly, to more healthy ways to live, which were positioned at intervals along the street. Below are some of the signs I saw.

On arriving in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in the evening of Wednesday, I was collected from the airport by a driver, arranged by my hotel, and we chatted for most of the hour or so it took to get to the city centre and my hotel. In the car I witnessed what could only be described as a thunder storm of biblical proportions. The sky went black, the rain was heavy and the lightning impressive. It was evening, maybe 19:00 or later, when I finally arrived and checked-in. Looking for food, I discovered a sandwich place in the lobby of the hotel which I made use of.

I was there for two full days (the third day I’d go to the airport and fly to Bangkok, Thailand). As I did not have my itinerary, I had to improvise where I would visit. I knew the Pretonas Towers were somewhere I should visit. Otherwise, I’d play it by ear.

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