Winter Travels – Kuala Lumpur (Day 1)

The plan for today was to visit the Petronas Towers and then…. Well I wasn’t sure. Still, I got to travel on a monorail, so it wasn’t all bad! In fact, my hotel was just around the corner from the monorail station. After breakfast, I headed out to the station. Although I had to change onto the subway after one stop, it was pretty easy to navigate, and before long I came to the park at the base of the towers.

Access to the towers was through a shopping mall and, I quickly joined a tour up to the top of the towers. First stop was the connecting bridge between both sides. We had about 15 minutes there, I think, to take photographs, before proceeding further to the observation deck above.

On this deck, there were professional photographers who would take your picture, which you could then purchase from a kiosk. One member of our group, a woman in her mid-late fifties I think, asked me in broken English if I could take her picture. I said sure, and she gave me her phone. I took the picture and was then immediately approached by the professional photographers who said now me and my wife can have a photograph together. I made it clear we were not together and scuttled off to look out the window at the opposite end of the room. The view was pretty impressive and you could see quite far out across the city.

Following this, I took the subway to the national museum, and had some lunch in a café there. I then looked around the museum which, whilst not massive, still took a good couple of hours to view everything completely. I don’t know much about the history of Malaysia so it was interesting to find out more about the city and the country.

Following this, and with it being so hot, I went for a walk in the botanical gardens, which were located next to the museum. I then returned to the hotel and had some food in a restaurant nearby.

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