It’s exam time! (and other things)

I am really proud of my students. Last week, they completed their final speaking exams. They put together some wonderful, and funny presentations, and some great leaflets. Their topics ranged from the university (focusing on food, the library, clubs and such), through to places like Beijing, Changsha, Chengdu, Tahiti, Brunei, to lifestyles such as going to bed and getting up early, being active, using your mobile phone less and encouraging people to look after hard-of-hearing children. They were all interesting and well put together. It’s things like this, that makes all the hard work worth it. One student even told me his group wanted to make it really good as a present to me, which is very gratifying. We only have three or four weeks left of classes, but they are a great bunch of students and I’ll miss them. Apparently, last year it was even worse, as classes changed every eight weeks!

With the car crash that is Brexit happening right now, with ministers seemingly continuing (or not caring) about the economic problems which may arise after we leave (one article I read recently about the food industry basically said that we will have to import most fruit and vegetables as there will be no one available to pick them, yet weirdly the Conservative government say they want managed immigration but also claim they are ‘listening’ to industries and businesses; the two do not seem to add up, and for once, businesses may be speaking some sense). I’ve tried to avoid the news recently as Brexit is only ever negative news and makes you feel hopeless.

Yet it is also December, which means Christmas is just around the corner, and that means it will soon be holidays and, in the longer term, the question of next year will arise…. But that’s for another time! In the meantime, I’m just enjoying teaching these students and looking forward to Christmas. I get a day off for Christmas, although this year it falls on a day when I do not have class anyway,

My friend Alexandra, over at Wild Eyed and Wandering has sent me a questionnaire to complete about myself. I’m not the best person to think about and analyse myself, for a series she is doing on her blog. Nevertheless, the process of thinking is a useful one, and makes me assess my strengths as well as weaknesses, if nothing else. It may take me a while to complete, as I tend to chip away at things slowly, and then remember something else I want to add etc.

My usual Chinese teacher could not come to class recently, so I had a different teacher. I have had her before, but not for a while. I forget a lot of stuff, and, I admit, my listening is very poor. But it made me see how bad my language skills are. I need to focus more, and work hard on this aspect of language learning, but also try to remember more and improve. Something to aim for in the new year at least.

4 thoughts on “It’s exam time! (and other things)

  1. I’ve just been looking at some of your college reports and they say you are always looking to improve so I’m glad to see you’re still striving xxx


  2. First, thank you so much for the teaser! You’re so wonderful to include me. As I told you already, I really love how this post is formatted. How you share a number of moments from your life and keep us all up to date. Often, there’s not really anything big happening in my days, but the updates are still interesting to others – I’m certainly interested in yours! Thanks for reminding me how great these posts can be!

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