When it works, it works well…

This week has been a good week for classes. I have been doing job interviews/job fairs with the students and they all took to it really well. Even my small classes did it reasonably well. Last Friday afternoon I had to tell my afternoon students off for using their phones in class, but this week they behaved much, much better.

This lesson was one I adapted from two lessons I did with my Senior 2 students last year (one lesson on job interviews and the other on job fairs). It was gratifying that all the students seemed to engage with the topic. After class, a student asked me if they could sign up for my class next semester. I said no, that I would get new students next semester. They said they did not want a Chinese English teacher, which is also nice to hear (not that they don’t want such an English teacher, but that they wanted my class again).

The first part of the lesson, we talked about job interviews and the students gave each other interviews. Then we discussed job fairs and the class was divided into two – half the class were employers and half, job seekers. Even in my small class of ten students they managed to do this, which was good. When a lesson works, and it works really well, you leave feeling a sense of achievement.

We have about six or seven weeks left of the semester. I now have a final English corner to do on Tuesday, and also the speaking exam to work out. I was in a flap about it, but after speaking with my folks they gave me an idea which might work, though I have to plan it more and come up with a mark scheme. I still have a lot of work to do, but it is a start at least!

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