Love letters and similar things

This is a quick post about various things that I’ve seen or have happened recently….

I caught one student writing a love letter to another student in class last week. It wasn’t part of the activity we were doing, and he was initially reticent about telling me who is was for, but eventually he confessed. His English isn’t great either but he wrote the note in English. Turns out, the girl has a boyfriend, but it’s all drama here!

The cafeteria on the campus where I live is currently being renovated. They are covering the outside with glass cladding. There is a smaller one next to it and an underground one, below the building. I think it’s supposed to take about a year to complete fully.

I also saw this recently. It’s a lorry full of stuff. In China, you often get lorries and bikes loaded with stuff, but I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen something so overloaded!

Some recent pictures I took but haven’t uploaded them yet! Including my Chinese homework, umbrellas and three pictures which may give you an idea what a clear sky day looks like here!!

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