Snacks and singing booths

Things have achieved a modicum of normality here. I have topped up my cafeteria card (and used it), and I have had a mini-reunion with some teachers from last year.

When I went to Qianmen last week, the student I was with suggested I try some traditional Beijing snacks, so he bought several different ones for me to try. They were mostly similar in their make-up – they reminded me a little of mooncakes. I’m not sure what was inside them, but some of them reminded me of fig biscuits you get back home, which I do really like.

At the mini-reunion, which took place in a restaurant in a local mall, we had a potter around after eating, and came across karaoke booths. They look a little like phone booths. You can even have your songs professionally recorded. There were four free standing ones, but also an area of nine or ten, all next to each other. Though they spelt karaoke wrong (as karaok), they were very popular. I saw three or four people using them. They are often couples or friends I think.

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