An empty office

Our final office hour, our final note…. Anyone give a s**t?!

There’s a scene in the television series ER, when Dr Mark Greene, stalwart of the emergency department for eight years, dies, and one of the final scenes we see of him is him walking around an empty department, with Somewhere Over the Rainbow playing in the background.

I have more to say about endings, which I will say in a future post, but seeing the office the way it was today, reminded me of that scene. So bare, so empty… until next year, when life will return to it.

There was a sense today of it being just another day. I only had one class, and that was a Junior 2 class which I only inherited a few weeks ago. After school I went to see my favourite class, Senior 2 Class 5. I taught them last year and this year last semester. They are a really great class, always cheerful, funny and they try, which is all I can ask of them. I didn’t cry – but it was a little emotional. It was nice to see them one last time, and it was nice to share a photo with them and say goodbye to them in person. We hugged, and I gave them chocolates. It was a nice farewell to my time at the school.

Senior 2 Class 5 – my favourite class at RDFZ. A nice goodbye to them.

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