Epic ending to volleyball competition

The final score… after the actual game, they kept playing and ended at 31-29 to the winners.

‘Epic’ may be a slight exaggeration, haha. But Wednesday was the final volleyball match of the competition. The organiser said she would appreciate it if I went, even just for a minute. Well, I went and watched them as they warmed up and started playing. I had an EDP class immediately before the match, and the EDP classes are on a different campus, next door to ours, so it took a few minutes to get there. Unfortunately, I have a team meeting every Wednesday at 1.30pm, so I had to leave early in the match to attend. When I returned, they were still playing but only ‘for fun’, the official match having ended already. After they eventually finished playing, they all sat down and played the card game ‘Uno’, which was amusing to watch. Both sides, coming together and sitting quietly playing cards!

There was no prize, except knowing you’re the best volleyball team in school. Unfortunately, as the school does not have an official volleyball team, they will not provide any money for the competition. So all the score cards and everything, the students have to pay for themselves, which is a real shame, because they are passionate about playing and about volleyball in general.

They’re a great bunch of students and I enjoyed playing with them. It’ll be a busy couple of weeks with student exams, and with the extra classes I’ve taken on, now my colleague has left, so it is perhaps good that it has finished now, in case I miss more games. I’ll try and play socially with them again, if they are playing before the semester ends. But my lunchtimes are getting increasingly full.

When I play volleyball, because I am so bad, the students take pity on me and applaud when I actually hit the ball, even if it is miles wide (which it usually is). But I don’t mind that really. It’s nice just to be given the opportunity to play at all. There is an episode of Friends, in season three, called ‘The One with the Football’ where they play American football at thanksgiving. Rachel is no good at it, and keeps getting told to ‘go long’, as a way of keeping her out of the game. She eventually catches the ball at the very end of it and wins the game. I’m a little bit like this – I tend to be positioned at the back of the court, and put where I can do the least harm! I don’t mind this either. It’s fun to play – even if I am rubbish!

I have been helping two Junior students plan a debate for a competition. I was sat in the office after school with snacks they brought, talking about the debate topic – whether the UN is still important. Surrounded by laptops and crisps, it reminded me of debate prep on The West Wing, walking around the office offering arguments for and against.

Debate prep in the office.

This may be above and beyond what is expected – I did it after school when most of my colleagues were out enjoying the warm weather (today, Thursday, temperatures are expected to reach about 39°c – too hot for me!).

I’m meeting one of the students tonight for more prep. I don’t really mind doing it, as it is fun and interesting discussing these things. But I do hope that perhaps, it won’t take quite as long as last night, since I have quite a bit of work to do in terms of memorising my Chinese for Saturday. We will see ….

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