International culture festival

Each year the school does an international culture festival, for all the students from different countries studying at RDFZ. Over two lunchtimes, the first day involves a performance by various people in their native dancing; the second day has stalls with information and food from different countries.

The first day began with a procession of students carrying different countries flags from different countries.

Japan, the UK, not sure (Russia?), Spain, Canada, and the US. I never got a chance to ask the student carrying the UK flag if they were actually from the UK (I saw one of my South Korean junior students carrying the flag of a different country… she said she had just been handed it).

I missed most of the second day, due to the second film screening, but there were a few information boards out before the event began, so I got to look at some of those (and found the British one!), and I chatted with an American student I know at the American stall before going to set up for the film.

We – as a team – did three different things. One was to throw wet sponges at my manager, and try and hit him; one was to guess the accumulative age of the Foreign Teacher team; and one was a picture of the team, divided into squares and numbered 1-70, and students had guess which number the prize was on. The event was all for charity, although I don’t know what total was from everyone’s activities. Students could exchange money for special cards which served as currency and these cards could be handed over to do an event, or have a cake or whatever the stalls had on offer.

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