The award for best international film goes to….

Movie slide
Our movie slide, which I’ve been showing to all my classes.

I’ve been using this slide in my classes all this week. It is advertising our film for the film festival. I have been encouraging all my students to come and watch it. I think it is a decent enough film, all things consider, though it is very different to other entries, which mostly seem to be Chinese dramas. The Student Union did its bit, advertising it on WeChat and on posters.

Intro slide for movie

‘A day in the life of A Foreign Teacher’ is the name of our film. It is basically a series of interviews with all the foreign teachers, interspersed with some student interviews, and the activities of a certain Mr Bunny. A couple of my students were interviewed, but not many. If I’m honest, I would have liked to have had more involvement from my current and ex-students, especially Senior 2. However, I went to one of my ex-classes and asked them if they would dance for the ending of the film. They put on the best show out of all the classes; it was really nice to watch and to work with them again.

Me in Film
Me in the film giving my interview.

The film finishes with students and some of the teachers dancing. Not all the foreign teachers filmed dances, unfortunately, so there are really only four of us in different classes dancing, which, whilst looking good, is a shame the other teachers did not get involved, for whatever reason.

Senior 2 Class 20, pictured below, spent about an hour choreographing their dance, after I had explained what I wanted them to do and showed them an example. They performed admirably and I had a nice email afterwards from one of the students saying that the class had only formed about a month before (they are the ‘international’ class; all of the are going to university abroad), and so they hadn’t really had any class bonding activities until now, so they were really thankful to have the opportunity to dance  because the class had come together as a group and had a lot of fun too. Certainly, for me, it was nice to teach a Senior 2 class again, even if it was just for one afternoon.

The film itself is just over half an hour long, and Thursday was the first screening of it to students. It seemed to go okay and was popular. It was mostly Senior 1 students who came to watch it. Friday, the film was shown earlier, for Junior students. There is one more showing, at the end of May. Hopefully then, some Senior 2 students may come to watch it.

The film is basically a thank you to the school and certain members of staff for helping us throughout our time at the school.

It was a nice swansong for our time at RDFZ, and a nice farewell to the students. I got a little emotional at the end, even though I’d already seen the film. I was asked to say a few words, and I just thanked everyone for coming to watch it. Many of those who came said they enjoyed it, and it was well edited and put together. At the end of the day, that’s all that really matters, making a film which people enjoy.

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