Playing volleyball

Now mid-terms have finished, I thought I’d take a few photos of the volleyball games still being played. Yesterday, it was a two player game (two players in each team). But one student didn’t turn up, so, because I have no class in the afternoon, I was roped in to play.

Actually, my teammate was very good, so we won comfortably. And I got a few good shots in as well as many awful ones! I was playing with a Japanese guy and he was highly amused whenever I would hit a ball away and I (politely) cursed. I say politely – I’m not sure if you can curse politely. What I mean is that I tried to avoid really bad swear words and instead used less extreme ones, with mixed results!

With my colleague leaving, I’m not sure how much free time I’ll have as I have to take a couple of Junior classes at lunchtimes, when most of the games are. Nevertheless, it was really nice to play yesterday, a lot of fun (and very hot). It has been great meeting new students, and they are all welcoming and seem like a good bunch. And it’s actually exciting to watch!

A couple of players in the pictures above are former students of mine; a couple are also from the International Curriculum Centre, at the school. The photos are of the six player games which have mostly finished now and been replaced by two player games.

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