Yesterday, I sent off an email to our Chinese liaison teacher about next year. He was gracious in his reply. I had mentioned to him previously my longer term aims and ambitions – to go back to the UK, and work in politics of some sort. He wished me well, and specifically that it would be great for him to know someone in politics who is also a West Wing fan (as he is).

It feels a lot like the end of an era, but the start of a new one. Things will be different. I will be teaching different things, different students, in a different place. It might be awful. Conversely, it might be brilliant. I hope my Chinese can improve a lot, and I can spend my free time refining and improving it.

It’s always nice to receive compliments, even if they are given when you give someone bad news. And so the challenge begins. The next stage is set. And the pieces move…. What now? Well, now it’s time for exam prep and the students’ final exams!

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