Decisions, decisions

Last week I had several job interviews. The first, on Tuesday, was teaching English at the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science. The interview was immediately after I had taught a class and the interview itself was fine. The graduate school is nearby my current school – about two stops away on the subway – so quite convenient, although I got a little lost finding it.

The second, on Thursday afternoon, was for the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, teaching postgraduate students. This was also quite interesting, though the job itself is quite intensive. I would have four days off, but those four days, potentially would involve planning and marking. The third, on Friday, was for a language university in the east of Beijing. It takes about an hour and 15 minutes to get there from here. Again, this went fine, and I discussed various options with them. The previous week I had an interview at another university in the city, close by my current school (two subway stops away), which pays less than I earn at the moment, but is only two days a week.

Time is ticking away and this needs to be sorted ASAP, especially for my documents to all get transferred if I go somewhere else (resident permit etc). Alternatively, I could remain here. It is more money than some of the other positions (universities in China do not pay that well), but money is not everything and I would need to think longer term too. If I did stay, it’s likely I’d be the only person remaining from this year’s group, which itself has benefits and difficulties. I could probably negotiate better conditions but teaching EDP would still be an issue. I may also get offered the manager position (not guarantees), if I stayed, though not sure I would want it, seeing how everything is changing and there are no clear ideas of what is happening next year. I am off school this week due to mid-term exams, and I have another interview today which could potentially be very interesting. Otherwise, I’ll have some thinking to do over the next few days…

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