History repeating itself

It is often remarked that history repeats itself. Whether this is actually true or not, it seems to be happening here. I’ve known for a while now that another colleague was planning to leave early. She has been offered a job in her old place-of-work. I found out by chance; she had told me she wanted to go to a wedding at the end of June and so was thinking about leaving early. We were then told that anyone leaving early would be in breach of their contract and so they would not get their final salary, or their flight reimbursement. In a 1-2-1 meeting with my manager recently, he asked what I knew about this colleague leaving. She had told him she had spoken to me about it. I mentioned the wedding – which he didn’t know about – and he thought I was aware of her job situation (which I wasn’t), so there were some crossed wires and he inadvertently told me about her plans.

She is leaving next month. We will each take a few lessons from her, but, given the end of the semester is nigh, it will be exams and then games probably, so it shouldn’t be hugely taxing. The Senior class that I took from my previous colleague who left in January are a good, fun class, and I like teaching them. My colleague hasn’t enjoyed teaching, apparently, and she has connections to her life back home which she misses.

It’s a bit of a shame, given the fact we have very little time left and the end of our team seems imminent. From what I can gather, no one really seems to be staying next year. I’ve had a few job interviews and a couple of offers which I’m considering, and others are in a similar boat. The not knowing, that’s the killer. The uncertainty of it all, plus the fact we would probably have to teach EDP classes which none of us really want to do.

I have the next week off, due to mid-terms, and my parents are coming to visit, so that will be interesting! Then, I’ll have to get back and play some volleyball. I haven’t done much of late, due to busy schedule – interview, exams etc.

On a different note, there will be a general election in the UK on 8 June. I can’t vote directly, but I do have a proxy vote, where I nominate someone else to vote for me (my mum).

I suspect the result will not be the way I would like it, but you never know with these things. For some students, interested in international relations and who are planning to go abroad, this might be an interesting topic. For most, however, they will not know a lot about it.

Trying to put a positive spin on things, doesn’t always work, especially if the election goes the way I think it will (and not the way I hope it does). That’s what happened with Brexit, with the US Presidential election…. I’ll just have to dust myself off, stand up, climb back on the horse and continue. Besides, I have other things to think about as well as the election (like where I’m going to end up next year)!

2 thoughts on “History repeating itself

    1. Early Development Programme. They are supposed to be advanced students, so they taught things a year ahead of everyone else (so the Junior 1-aged kids learn Junior 2 material and so on).

      They are on an adjacent campus to ours. The building is not brilliant and the kids tend to run around a lot. They are hard work and lots of the foreign teachers don’t like working there.


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