The wind shifts again…

It doesn’t seem like it has only been about six or so weeks since term started, but it has. Yet, probably more has happened in the spate of these few weeks than all of last semester. First, there was the dropping of a grade, then the announcement about next year, and now, the wind shifts again. I had a meeting this week with the Chinese liaison teacher in our school. He teaches English, but is also our contact with the school management and their contact with us. It was on the topic of next year, and we discussed various options and where I am at the moment with applications etc. I told him I had had an interview and demonstration lesson at another local school, and that they seemed interested but that there were some things I was still considering about it.

I also had a 1-2-1 recently with my manager, where he asked me what I do to have a good rapport with students. I said I talk to them. It’s difficult, though, because the best students I have rapport with are those I taught last year. I do spend a lot of time on campus outside class, for instance in the school cafeteria. But I think I view things in a slightly different way to most of my colleagues. I enjoy my classes (mostly) and feel I have good banter with the students (usually).

In the meeting this week, the situation for next year was described to me. There have been some mixed messages: originally we were told the school only wanted three foreign teachers, but now they have had a change of heart and want a few more, but only teaching EDP and Junior kids, no Seniors. But the details are still pretty sketchy and will probably be that way for some time yet. I will need to make a decision about whether I want to stay or go. I still have a few applications pending, though, so things are still up in the air right now for me….

Regarding volleyball, I’ve played a little more now. It’s been a lot of fun, despite the bruises. I’m not sure how much ‘game time’ I’ll get in the coming matches but that’s fine. I have met lots of students and had a lot of fun and that’s the main thing. The weather here hasn’t been great recently – cold and wet – and the air hasn’t been brilliant either so it has made playing difficult. But hopefully I’ll still continue to play and practice. And get better, though that will take time.

I ‘played’ in a game the other day. I say ‘played’, because although I did play – and enjoyed it – I was brought on towards the end, when the team I was on was winning, and were pretty unstoppable. I got to hit the ball a couple of times, but made little actual impact. In other words, I was played when I could not do much damage to stop the team from winning. I’m fine with that! At least they let me play at all, haha.

Also time wise, I have been a little busy recently, but I hope things will improve in the coming weeks, and hopefully I will be able to practice more. I’m not sure who is winning or what the rankings are, but I know the team I am part of is a good team, and may win. As with everything, it will be a case of wait and see…..

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