Down the rabbit hole

It was recently April Fools’ Day. On that day, I only had two classes (it was a make-up day; because we had the following Monday and Tuesday off as a holiday, so we worked the Saturday before). I started by giving them a test. This was a pointless test with random questions like ‘Write your name backwards five times’, ‘What noise does a pig make?’ and ‘Write the names of 10 colours’. In all, there were 14 questions, the first being ‘Read every single question on the test before you being writing’, and the last being ‘Today is April Fools’ Day. Do not answer any questions on this test’. It was a bit of fun, and the students took it as such. In the first class, about half the room started and busily set about answering the questions, whilst the rest of the class had read the instructions, and sat laughing at their classmates who were trying to write their English names back-to-front.

The second class was something similar. After they had finished the quiz we had a chilled class. The second class was different in one aspect, however. That class was visited by a mysterious Mr Bunny…

This was my line manager, in costume, walking around the school for the day. It was partly to contribute to our film, for the student film festival in June, but also partly because Easter is approaching and also, I think, because it was April Fools’ Day, and people do funny things on this day. It brought some delight to students, at least, especially when Mr Bunny went into the school’s dining hall and attempted to order food.

The film for the film festival will mostly interviews with teachers and some students, but also featuring a certain Mr Bunny….

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