Holiday planning in class

Anyone who has ever been to Beijing will probably have travelled on the subway. It is a quick and efficient way to get across the city, and is constantly expanding. In class recently, I asked my Senior students to plan a weekend trip for 30 people coming to Beijing, and what they should see/visit/eat etc. Some of the answers were carefully considered (there was a prize for the best group).

In one class, a group decided to draw a map of Beijing on the board and show exactly where everything was they would visit. It was not a bad drawing, considering they did it quickly and roughly.

Each group had a slightly different version of their trips which meant that you didn’t hear the same things repeated from each group, though a common theme seemed to involve the tourists visiting the school.

I was impressed by the detail of the map and the locations of visits. Still, this wasn’t the winning group…. the winning group didn’t use a map, but it was nice to see them engaging in the activity.

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