To play or not to play?

If you know me at all, you will know I don’t really ‘do’ sport. I don’t play it or watch it, the Olympics being the exception. I remember being engrossed in London 2012 and watching a lot of random sports (such as Handball) and being quite fascinated by them all. In Rio last year, I also saw what I could, bearing in mind the time difference.

But I don’t really play sport. I would say I am reasonably fit – I could always be fitter, but I try and eat healthily and do exercise when I can. A student (who I no longer teach) emailed me and asked whether any of the foreign teacher team was interested in playing in the volleyball tournament which is being held at school over the next few weeks.

I passed this onto my colleagues, but it also got me thinking whether I should volunteer. Volleyball is not a sport I know well; in fact, though I vaguely remember doing it once in PE at school, I’ve never really played or watched it before at all. I don’t know the rules. I don’t know how to play. All this was reason for me to say no. That, and I have heard it hurts your hands when you hit the ball the way you do. But, despite all that, I have, for better or worse, volunteered.

What was I thinking? I have no idea! It will either be a lot of fun or awful. Being rubbish, may mean I can exit earlier… My student said that she knows others who can’t really play, so perhaps we’ll be in a group of six, all useless together. I thought my colleagues may have contacted her to tell her that they were interested but as yet they don’t seem to have, so it may just be me playing form our team! So the next few days will be me trying to learn the rules and watching instructional videos (if there are any) to see how to play. I’ve also asked the student if she can show me a few moves.

Why did I decide to do it? It’s not because I necessarily want to do it. I’m not sure that I do. But it’s not something I would usually do, which is really why I did decide to do it. It’s something different. It gets me out of my comfort zone. It could be incredibly embarrassing, but equally it could be a lot of fun. I’ll find the rules online and start swotting up….

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