Seoul – Part 2

This was my second – and last – full day in Seoul. A busy day lay ahead. I decided to do a few museums, so after breakfast I took the subway to a central area of the city, very close to where I’d been yesterday, and I went to Cheonggyecheon river. This is where a river has been uncovered in the middle of the road and there are plants and lights around it and it looks like quite good.

I even saw a heron on the river, which seemed oblivious to the increasing number of tourists about. I went to the excellent National Museum of Contemporary History, which covered everything from the nineteenth century onwards. It was nearby the area I had seen the protest in yesterday, and there were still some protest banners on display.

I then went to the National Museum, which was less interesting, and dealt with older Korean history. One thing I was impressed with, however, was that in parts of the museum there were desks with replica items on them for blind people to feel what they were like. I thought this was excellent. The museum mainly dealt with earlier history (before nineteenth century; obviously the contemporary history museum took over this). There was an exhibition on Asian art too, though I don’t find that topic that interesting either!

After lunch, I went to the War Memorial which was very interesting. There were lots of military vehicles outside. In the main square, there were memorials to all the different UN countries who had soldiers serve in the war. Inside, there was a museum with various exhibitions on war in Korean history.

Following the War Memorial, I headed back to the hotel, stopping for food on the way. I decided that I’d take the cable car up Namsen Hill, and look at the view. Although it was dark, and I don’t have a good camera, it was quite impressive to see the city at night.

The trip up to the top of the hill was quite long, even though the hill was very close to my hotel. I went there about 7pm (it remained open late), and saw signs which said it was an hour waiting time. Actually, perhaps it was abouthalf an hour or 40 minutes before I managed to get into the cable car to take me up the side of the hill. Once at the top, the views were pretty impressive. I decided not to go up to the top of the tower, but still you had an excellent view of the surroundings. Satisfied, I joined the queue to go back down and then headed back to the hotel.

The following day, I rose, had breakfast and checked out. My flight was about 1pm, so I went to Seoul station for about 9am and just managed to catch the express train to the airport. Once there, I checked in and was back in Beijing by late afternoon/early evening. And with that, my travels were over (for the time being)….

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