Winter holidays 3 – Hong Kong (Part 4)

And so it ends. The following morning I made my way to the airport and to my flight back to Beijing. My trip back to Beijing was uneventful and I arrived back to find the water shut off in my flat (it was quickly turned back on).

Overall I have to say my holiday was very good. Relaxing, warm. I was nice to get some sun (though not too much!) and just have a break. In Mongolia, I watched the film Paddington, which was enjoyable and had a positive immigration message to it. In Hanoi, in something that seems to be coming a holiday tradition, I saw Zootopia, which was also good fun and had a message about respecting others and treating everyone as equal. What I will watch next year remains to be seen!

The break itself was also nice to recharge my batteries and forget a little about this place. Returning there have been some significant changes, which I will cover in a different post. But first, after a few days in Beijing, I went to Seoul for the weekend, which was the final part of my holiday. I really enjoyed Seoul too. It was cold; very cold, when I arrived (colder than Beijing I thought), but was very interesting with some very good museums (and some average ones). One of my Korean students suggested where to visit and I took his advice as well as planning my own agenda – lots to see in two days!

I should also make a comment about how long it has taken me to upload everything. Unfortunately the internet here does not always work as I’d like, and I’m not a brilliant photographer either, so picking half decent photographs is sometimes a challenge. However, hopefully I’ll be a lot quicker in future!

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