Winter holidays 3 – Hong Kong (Part 3)

The final (full) day in Hong Kong. Today I decided to visit a heritage trail in the New Territories, away from the busy and touristy areas. It was something I’d seen in my guide book, but I didn’t really know what to expect.

To be honest, it was a little disappointing. It was not well labeled and I only stumbled upon the start of it by chance. Once there, however, the route was (relatively) straight forward. It was the history of some clans who lived in the area. I wasn’t that interested in their history but the museum of their life was moderately interesting, very quiet and there were nice views.

It took three different subway lines to get there, and after it, I decided to visit the Hong Kong Heritage Museum. I have bought some lunch from 7-11 and ate it on route. I had to get another three lines to get there, but this was quite interesting. There was an exhibition on the Forbidden City and marriage customs of the Qing emperors, and another on Bruce Lee.

After this, I went back to the Space Museum and watched a film about space (the arctic one, which I wanted to see, what not at a suitable time). The narration was in English through headphones. To be honest, though, it wasn’t that impressive and I was a little disappointed in it. After this, I went back to where the light show was, but looked at some of the historical things in the area – how they used to check the time using a time ball and cannon.

In the evening, I watched the light show again and then headed back to my room. It would be quite an early start the next day. The light show involved lasers and music. Basically, the music plays and the lasers shine in the sky from the tops of buildings and the light displays on the buildings change to the music. Lights included images of people walking up the sides of buildings. That was pretty impressive.

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