Winter holidays 3 – Hong Kong (Part 2)

Day two in the urban metropolis that is Hong Kong had me visit two museum – the history museum and, across from it, the science museum. As an environmental historian (by training), I was particularly enamoured with the history museum, which chronicled the city’s history from its pre-historic origins to its present-day incarnation. I thought it was a well put together and interesting exhibition on the history of the city.

After visiting the museum shop, where I sent a postcard home, I had lunch in the museum’s cafe, a very tasty (and cheap) meal, before crossing the square and going into the science museum. This reminded me a lot of the science museum in Vancouver – very hands-on and practical. There was even a display about health and safety at work!

Following this, I took the subway to the waterfront and went to the Space Museum – currently closed for renovation of its exhibitions, but the movie theatre there was still open. You could watch an IMAX film about the arctic or about space. I decided not to watch anything that day (though I returned the next), and got some food and headed to shopping area near to where I was staying to browse (I didn’t buy anything).

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