‘I even made a cameo in one!’

Tis the season and all that. We returned to teaching on Tuesday, and were immediately faced with a problem. One of my colleagues has a family emergency which means she has to go home on Saturday. We will cover the few classes she has left. That’s fine, but it leaves us having to scramble for grades from them. And they have not completed one class’s exams. We will cover that too.

Today was a non-teaching day. In the morning, classes had parties in their classrooms. In the afternoon, there was a New Year’s show for the teachers. Originally we were going to perform Auld Lang Syne, but in the end we had to cancel due to illness and lack of rehearsal time. Still, it was nice to watch the teachers perform, and several of my colleagues were involved in other performances. I even got a cameo in one! Basically, I’d been in the office one Friday afternoon (before my elective, I think), and I’d been the only one there. Two Junior 1 kids came in and asked me a few questions about robots. They also filmed me. They asked me if I’d ever marry a robot, what I thought robots would be like in the future, and if I thought robots would replace teachers (and whether I thought that was a good thing). The only, brief, clip they showed of me was me answering ‘no, because then we wouldn’t have jobs’ in reference to whether they would be good to take over role of teacher. I had quite forgotten about it until I saw myself up there on screen….

After the performance, two former students, and one current student wanted to film me for a video. They are entering a competition at Harvard University and wanted my opinions on a couple of topics. They are good kids and I’m always happy to help when I can.

It will be the year of the rooster next year in China. But that won’t be until the end of January. In the meantime, 新年快乐 (xinnian kuaile), Happy New Year!

Me outside the Hilton Beijing on Christmas Day

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