Lesson planning

We have been discussing lesson planning here recently and our raison d’etre, our purpose for being here. Is it better for us to teach lessons based (loosely) on the topics the students use for their Chinese English classes, or is it better if we do things ourselves, off topic – essentially do whatever we want?

The American teachers at the branch school of our school (there are four of them), teach English to the Junior kids and subject specific topics to the older kids, depending on their interests and speciality. For instance, one of them has a degree in history and is doing a sort of ‘philosophy of history’ course. Another, a maths graduate does a maths class. Half the class will do maths for one semester, half will do history, then they’ll swap in the second semester.

We were discussing whether it could work here. We weren’t sure, as there are a number of differences, not least the size of the class (they have class sizes of maybe 10 or 11 – easier to teach them history or geography than even a class of 20). Another issue is the number of teachers we have here and the subject specialisms. Also if we all leave next year, what happens next?

These are all questions which will be asked in the coming weeks and months and there is no concrete answer (at the moment). It depends in a large part on whether the Foreign Teacher Manager stays in post for another year. They have said they are 70% certain they are going to leave. If they do, and if most of us depart also, it may be a very different scene to what we have at the moment, good or bad.

We will just have to wait and see….

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