Things move along, as normal

Now the semester has started and I’ve taught all my classes. Senior 1 are an interesting bunch – the teachers are mostly new and a couple have already observed my lesson. I have many new students, and some old ones. My first lesson with a Senior 2 class – one I taught last year – and the class had to be divided, there were many students wanting to be in my class, which is nice. Those I taught last year. I got a nice card from the class – and from a student who I didn’t teach last year – for Teachers’ Day, which was a pleasant surprise too.

The Senior 1 liaison teacher, who I work a lot with, is very good and very efficient which is a nice change from last year is.

Most Senior 1 students also seem to be keen and eager. The office, during lunchtime office hours, has had more Senior 1 students in on one day alone, than, I think, came in during the entire year last year. One Senior 2 student who I saw earlier today gave me a hug and said they miss me being their teacher, which is always nice.

Things, obviously, are not always perfect. My best Senior 1 class last year, who I now teach at Senior 2 (and who gave me the card for Teachers’ Day), have been very much average this year. Their English was never brilliant but they were a good class who behaved and tried and we had a lot of fun. This year, for whatever reason, I just feel it’s been more average than great, in terms of lessons, and that is a little irritating and disappointing, on my part, because it makes you feel good when lessons go really well. Conversely, class 8, who I also taught last year, have been much better and a good class – perhaps my favourite, now – out of the three Senior 2 classes I teach.

Junior kids are…. Well kids. One girl started crying in a class last week, but it has all be sorted out now, thankfully. They don’t seem to have the same eagerness or excitement maybe as Junior 2 did last year. My class 10 last year was a joy to teach – most of the students spoke reasonable English and they were a lot of fun. This year, my three Junior 2 classes are a lot more average, and whilst they can be fun (and I haven’t taught them for a long time – we’ve only had about two or three lessons together), I do prefer teaching the older kids.

We have a national week holiday coming up soon. 7 days off work (including the weekend), followed by seven days in work (national week, is really only supposed to be three days holiday officially, but you are given two more days to make it a week, and so you have to make up those days). I don’t mind, really. I have no plans for the holidays except lesson planning, Chinese study and making revisions to my book chapter on Doctor Who and Silent Spring, which will be sent back to me soon, I think.

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