Teachers’ Day – 10th September

Okay, so today is the 9th, not 10th September, but as 10th is a Saturday and thus we are not in school, it was celebrated today. This is the day to celebrate teachers and educators. In China, teachers are revered – a lot more than they are in the UK. It makes sense actually. Chinese kids spend so much time at school, the teachers probably seem them more than their parents, especially if they live on campus. And for this one day, students often bring in gifts for their teachers.

I had one class today (should’ve been two, but afternoon lessons were cancelled). This was a class with about half the students who I taught last year. Last week’s class was a bit meh, so I wanted this week’s to be better and I think, on the whole, it was.

At the start of class, the class monitor – like the class president – gave me a letter and a paper flower she/the class had made (I suspect that she had written the note herself, on behalf of the class). Her English is very good, but I didn’t teach her last year.

As I said, all the classes were cancelled this afternoon. This was because of a show for the teachers. This involved students and teachers of different grades, and us. The foreign teachers, at both ICC and in the main school came together to perform a song (note, there are no pictures of us performing that I have – I will try and get hold of some… we all wore jeans, white t-shirts and cowboy hats). As you can see, the show was very jazzy! The two school principals were present and both gave a speech. One of the had just come back from meeting the President of China, who had been vising a school nearby.

One thought on “Teachers’ Day – 10th September

  1. Teacher’s day is so bizarre! I had a really similar experience, kids who I had only been teaching for a week giving me presents and being so much more respectful than in the UK. The show looks amazing!


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