The Opening Ceremony

No, not the Olympics, nor Paralympics. Each school year, there is an opening ceremony at the school, to welcome new students and staff to RDFZ. Today – the first day of the new school year – saw speeches by the two principals and school dignatories and a showcae of successful student achievements.

Ourselves, and our colleagues in the ICC (International Curriculum Centre) were presented with a bunch of flowers from some students, and there were also displays of gymnastics and martial arts. The weather, thankfully, was a lot cooler than it had been the previous day, so it was more comfortable to sit in the open in suits and smart clothes for a couple of hours.

Perhaps these pictures will give an idea of the size of the school and the number of students it has.

Setting up the stage the evening before…
Military parade
All students sitting on athletics track watching proceedings.
Again – you get an idea of the number of students at the school. At the very front of the students, in the middle facing the stage, we – the foreign teachers at RDFZ – were sat.
Everyone sat listening to one of the Principal’s speaking. The building in the background on the right is our accommodation building. The building in the distance with the dome is the science building, with an observatory on the roof.
All the students again.

And finally…. what were were all given from students, when we came up onto the stage in front of everyone:


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