I’m melting, I’m tired, I have to unpack, but I did get a free (extra) breakfast!

So it’s back to the Middle Kingdom… I have returned! Back to China, Back to Beijing, Back to Ren Da Fu Zhong. And good news! Now, finally, I have a liaison teacher for Senior 1 who I can communicate with. Whatsmore, she seems really keen and pro-active, which is even better. I have planned the first couple of lessons for the semester, and I have begun unpacking.

The last couple of weeks have been spent watching the Olympics and the nerve-wracking, often tense situations which members of Team GB found themselves, sometimes winning a medal, sometimes not. But always providing excellent entertainment. The paralympics starts soon. I’d love to watch this, but I don’t have a TV, so it won’t dictate things the way the Olympics did. I will try and follow online as best I can.

School begins on Thursday, 1 September. I still don’t have a timetable yet, but that should come soon.

Yes, I am melting, as the title suggests – air con still not fixed, and it’s about 30 degrees here. And I’m jet lagged. Staying awake until it’s nearly late so I can at least try to sleep. I didn’t sleep much on the flight, though it wasn’t through lack of trying. Even with ear plugs and wearing an eye mask. As my sister works for an airline, we (as in the family) appreciate what a difficult job this is. So we often buy the crew some chocolates or something, just to show we appreciate their hardwork. I mean, let’s face it, working with the public can sometimes be a pain, especially so high up in the sky, where numerous other problems and issues come into play.

I bought some chocolate as usual and handed them over to a rather startled cabin crew member. After explaining a couple of times to her manager, they accepted them. I didn’t expect anything but 3/4 of the way into the flight, the cabin crew member I’d given the chocolates to walked past me and beckonded me into the aisle. I thought I was going to get a telling off. She said she couldn’t give me these before as I was asleep (most likely, just sat with mask over my eyes, trying to, but failing to, nap), but she handed me a tray with a bottle of water on it, some fruit cut up into slices and a yoghurt. She said that was thank you for the chocolates. No one commented on this, as I sat munching away, and then a few minutes later, the breakfast meal was served and I had that. Glutton, you may be thinking. And in this case, perhaps you would be true. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day – I am partial to cereal – and although this was not that, it was still a nice gesture. We don’t do these things to get something back, we do it because working with the public can be, at the best of times, challenging. And it is nice to be rewarded/acknowledged every once in a while. Still, it was nice of them.

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